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New Orleans Native Brax, paints his portrait through his own eyes. At a young age, Brax began a long battle with mental health, dealing with depression, drug abuse, alcoholism, and psychosis. Music became his salvation.


Brax has been releasing music since 2020. In 2021 Brax's song "Pessimistic" from his ep "Dementia" blew up gaining 25 thousand streams and started building his platform. With his following ep "Amne$ia" doing well Brax has contuined to develop his own sound. While mainly associated with cloud rap Brax has a very unique and versatile style working with artists like VXJoking, Hxzz, and YourStepDad. Yet, Brax still has his signature sound in his haze like vocals.

Recently performing in Los Angeles at The Smell to wrap up 2023, Brax released his newest project "Angels Weep on Carrollton" a truly one of a kind ep defining who Brax is as a sound and artist. 

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